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Rider Education

The following is an overview of the four levels in the Rider Education Program (REP) and how to qualify for each level. For a more complete understanding of the requirements for qualification at each level, contact our Chapter Educator

Level I: Safety by Commitment - The first big step to success

Safety is a state of mind, which can only be attained through total commitment. Every successful accomplishment began with a commitment to reach the intended objective and a promise to learn for the sake of you, your Co-Rider, your friends and family and others on the road.

Level I is perhaps the most important part of the REP structure. Regardless of your training and skill level, it is basically worthless if you are not committed to utilize your training and skill to their fullest. This commitment not only affects you and your Co-Rider but others on the road. You will be registered with the GWRRA across the country and your promise never has to be renewed as it truly is a commitment for life. More Information
Level II: Safety by Education

GWRRA has chosen several educational training programs for the Riders and Co-Riders such as the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) programs, the United Sidecar Association course, the CSC (Canadian Safety Council) programs, and the GWRRA's riding courses and parking lot programs.

We say "Go see the experts" for your "On Bike Training". Completing these courses provide the foundation and skills for your quest to be a safe motorcycle rider. All recognized programs are taught by qualified and nationally certified instructors.

For the Co-Rider, we have provided an excellent seminar and "Two Up" programs to assist in your role in the safety aspect of motorcycle riding.

Motorcycle education goes "Hand in Hand" with commitment, and the "On Bike" education by MSF, USCA, CSC and GWRRA for the Rider and Co-Rider and the "off bike" education specifically for the Co-Rider provides a very effective approach to Motorcycle safety. This is truly when a Rider begins to understand what his or her Level I commitment means and sees the value in the program More Information
Level III: Safety by Preparedness

It would be great if we could achieve the coveted goal of zero accidents, however, we know realistically this is hard to attain. Since accidents will and do occur, it is important that we be fully prepared to lend aid to unfortunate accident victims. We should always be prepared to save a life.

The Level III of the Rider Education Program was developed to deal with such circumstances by recognizing and encouraging proper First Aid or CPR training. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), a level III requirement has been used to save many lives. Being trained to render CPR or give First Aid is a tremendous asset. More Information
Level IV: Master Tour Rider

Level IV of the REP was designed for those special individuals who desire to "be all they can be" with regards to motorcycle safety. The requirements are more stringent than Level III and require a greater commitment on your part. These Riders and Co-Riders are caring, trained and prepared with the experience to back them up. We realize Level IV is not for everyone, but for those who desire to be of greater service to their fellow man. It is the correct prescription. Why desire to be a Level IV? It's a worthy goal. Being prepared to save a life is a high calling indeed! You are shining examples to the rest of our membership. Others aspire to practice the same commitment as you have displayed. For that reason, because you are our ambassadors to the members at all levels, we provide a special gathering to celebrate your commitment each year at Wing Ding. More Information